Tuesday, March 13, 2012

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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Dear all,
pole fishing will be temporary unavailable.... Flower crabs have been added into the sea water pond, so we now have big tiger prawns, lobsters and flower crabs inside our sea water pond. Come and visit us now!!

Thursday, October 08, 2009


Wednesday Spin 'n' Win Night
Only for fresh water.
$30 - 3hours

Catch a prawn with coloured tag and get a chance to spin the wheel. Prizes ranging from prawn-fishing rods, to 3 hours free... Hurry and come down today..



Every Tuesday & Thursday
6pm to 6am

2 Rods - $50 (3hours fresh water)
2 Rods - $80 (3hours seawater)

Hurry now!!

*Terms and conditions applies..

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

About East Coast Prawning

There is an even better reason to visit Singapore's most loved park, with the opening of East Coast Prawning (ECP).

Located near Burger King, Mac' Donald's, Long Beach restaurant and other popular amenities, East Coast Prawning offers both FRESH and SEA-WATER prawn fishing. Tiger Prawns, Lobsters and Big head prawns all at one of the most competitive rates in town!!!

Great place for corporate events, nice ambiance to chill out with your best buds and most importantly, fun for the whole family.

Barbecue your catch at no additional costs, or simply enjoy the sea breeze with the beach right in front of our doorsteps!!!

  • ample free parking (Carpark C3 and C4)
  • opens 24 hours daily
  • free prawn fishing lessons
  • all prawn fishing gears and baits provided
  • 5 BBQ pits, charcoal, firestarters and skewer at no additional costs

So what are you waiting for???

Tuesday, June 02, 2009


We have a total of 5 BBQ pits in our premises.

Charcoals, fire starters and skewers are provided at no additional cost.

BBQ duration does not include your prawning duration, meaning you can BBQ while prawning, or even after you finish your prawning session.

Sit back, chill out, feel the sea breeze and enjoy the prawns..
Our friendly staffs will always be there to assist you.

BUT REMEMBER, no pork and lard for bbq-ing.


Monday, June 01, 2009


Sea Water Pond (Lobsters/Tiger Prawns and Flower Crabs)

1 hour - $20
2 hours - $35
3 hours - $45

Extension @ $12 per hour after a minimum purchase of 3 hours

Fresh Water Pond ( Big head prawns)

1 hour - $15
2 hours - $25
3 hours - $30

Extension @ $10 per hour after a minimum purchase of 3 hours

BBQ is FOC whereby charcoals, fire starters and skewers are provided without any additional charges.